Services brings you the most durable, adaptable and congenial furniture to suit the modern learning concepts in playschools, middle level education and colleges. The enterprise by Mr. Prakash Jiandani and Geeta Punjabi is based on a keen concept wherein studies were conducted about how to provide the best in institutional furniture for today's generation in the world of education. It is interesting to note that our efforts are met up with continuous demands from leading institutions from many cities in India.

Our skill and expertise is supported with mechanics and machinery that is latest and complements to meet up with our production. Due to the superiority of our artisanship, quality and innovative spirit, we are able to meet with the customized demands for special furniture and regular category in the bulk demands.

Preschool furniture

Vibrant and colorful furniture with safe rounded edges and non-toxic wood is used for play school and preschool furniture. Easy to move and safe for toddlers, the furniture is resistant to daily use and compact to suit the needs of modern playschools. Special filing cabinets and storage toy boxes are also available with multipurpose utilities. The quality of all types of furniture is supreme and adheres to safety standards.

School furniture

Several models are available in the adjustable chair and desk sets meant for classrooms. Adaptable plastic molded chairs are also available in bulk for AV  and seminar rooms for new age schools. Seating arrangements for teaching staff and special filing cabinets with labeling system is also our specialty. Computer room furniture with the best back support and ergonomics based on scientific height-weight measurement is designed to aid dexterity while performing activities.

College furniture

Aesthetically appealing and viable furniture is available with us for educational needs for a college students. Interesting colors and easy-to-maintain furniture is also available for the cafeteria. All our furniture sets are highly durable and are able to endeavor long hours of usage. Roomy furniture for college cabinets, storage cabinets for sports equipment and library desks and cupboards are also available with us.

Training room furniture

Good furniture with premium woodwork and quality metal work is available for all kinds of training. Suited for presentations, workshops and day-long conferences, the desks are stylish and very sophisticated. Allowing ease while sitting and taking notes, the best in desks is also available for the training room. Perfect for teachers training and appealing as an ambience modern furniture is available in various sets. We also cater to standardized products for all your branches.

Library furniture

Novel and creative furniture for the library is also our skilled expertise. We have the best quality wood and imported technology for making library seats and cabinets. All purpose cabinets and magazine racks are also designed and customized to suit your needs. Compact and suitable for reading with the best ergonomic structure, the elongated desks are perfect for leisure as well as educational reading. Our furniture truly inspires students to spend quality time in the library and enhance their knowledge.  

We use eco friendly furniture. Our furniture does not contain particle board.