Preschool teacher training

Pedagogy is always affected by changes but one thing remains the same throughout – The skills of a teacher. The training attained by a teacher also proves to be instrumental for witnessing the growth in a child. A teacher who is able to adapt and explore new trends in the field of preschool teaching surely benefits the future of the preschooler. It is great to find that the training program for teachers at the preschool level includes a variety of topics that helps in application of the syllabus and promotes creativity.

Teachers are trained with skills that help in the improvement of physical, social and cognitive areas of a child. Moving towards a better team spirit and inculcating values of culture and heritage, the training program is a holistic approach aimed at making teachers effective as they disseminate the yearly syllabus.

Teachers are trained in the following areas:
  •  Class control and discipline
  •   Chart making and creativity
  •   Number skills training
  •   Event organization
  •   Punctuality and time management

The above is just a gist of the training program but there are other intricacies that are to be observed while creating a happy atmosphere in the classroom. Parent orientation program, inducting new students as well as greetings are also taught in the training program. The introduction to phonics, music and movement, dramatization are also certain the highlights of the training program.

The workshops are interactive and include role-plays, skits as well as poems and songs in a creative zest. The approach is realistic and aims at encouraging teachers to give their best during the sessions. The workshops are classified into modules meant for age wise preschool learning and focuses on using educational tools like blocks, crayons, paint work, origami as well as festival events so that the teachers have an overall perspective about conducting any preschool activity. Audiovisual training is also a part of the program with interesting storyboard themes for discipline, good manners and using music or movement to reinforce a certain concept.