We bring to you a complete preschool package that enables customers to set up and run a successful preschool under your own brand. If you are looking to set up a preschool or upgrade your existing preschool, we offer a revolutionary solution that includes a child centric curriculum, educational materials to implement the curriculum, teacher training solutions as well as child assessment & evaluation to ensure that the child is provided with the best preschool education possible.

To run a successful preschool, one requires a state of the art curriculum that covers all aspects of the child's all round development.

Preschool franchise v/s starting your own preschool

A venture in education for preschoolers is an exciting field. With so many attempts made in education to enrich the thought process of little minds, it is certainly viable to start up your own preschool. Of late, there are several offers for franchisee deals for people who want to foray into this field. Though there are a few benefits with franchised options, it is always advisable to have your own preschool. Customized lesson plans and syllabus is now available in ready formats from Theo Kids who believe in tailoring the syllabus as per your need and requirement.

Working towards a franchise option may involve profit sharing as well as expenses related to rent may accrue. There could be unexpected delays when it comes to seeking information and getting satisfactory queries related to certain situations. But having a preschool of your own works out to be flexible as the reputation can be built within a short time due to macro management. In a franchisee option, it is required to micro manage daily affairs pertaining to staff, curriculum and general effectiveness. This can create a rigid format, which may be cumbersome. But in case of a preschool which is self-initiated, the options to explore and adapt are several.

A preschool primarily needs a good framework and a plan that is outlined to meet the growing needs of education. As this is the primary level of education for children, parents too are concerned with several questions related to the effectiveness of a syllabus that is easy for children to imbibe. The syllabus from Theo Kids includes daily lesson plans, charts, extensive training modules as well as calendar profiles which is a complete package.

Most entrepreneurs believe that a franchisee option creates a brand name and hence prospective enrollees patronize it. Though it is impressive and seems easy, the process of reporting as well surprise scrutiny can be a bit difficult. It is indeed a better option to maintain freedom by choosing quality staff, premise and purchase a comprehensive preschool curriculum and start your own preschool.

Essentials of a good day care curriculum

A safe and secure environment for kids is certainly a dream for many parents who are working. With growing needs for double income and other family dispositions there is a great demand for day care centers. It is quite natural that the expectation for quality day care centers is increasing to improve the growth and development of children. With convenient timings and affordable rates, the day care centers are now sought after in all urban centers. The idea is to have a clear focus on the day's activities and have a scheduled medium to communicate the same. It is highly essential to have adequate training about how to allow children to participate without any pressure. For the same, an enthusiastic approach along with a formal plan is required.

Day care curriculum includes an in-depth concept of activities related to cognitive skills via an interactive syllabus. These include verbal, linguistic, numeric as well as a play way method of learning. A good day care syllabus must be easy to follow and to disseminate. Catering to the development of children, the syllabus also includes rhyme sessions with interactive puppet stories or appropriate props that make it easy for children to understand.

The essential need for a day care curriculum is to have an easy approach and stay organized. With the modules available at Theo Kids it is easy to identify the best time suited for a particular activity and also explore within the syllabus to improve skills in children. Sectioned with the best play way method, the day care curriculum must motivate children to give their best and allow them to understand the basic point, which entails the concept. For e.g. when it comes to numeric skills, children can play a game as a team to recognize a particular number. Applause and praises certainly are the best way to motivate children.

Emotional Intelligence via a curriculum

An interesting preschool curriculum must aim at building self-esteem in the preschoolers. The Theo Kids model is based on several researched parameters and caters to various experiences seen in the field. A syllabus that is organized helps the teacher to direct and allow children to express articulately. Though much is talked about EI or emotional intelligence, the ability to understand emotions and express clearly is an important part of any preschool activity.

Though children are temperamental, a directed effort to keep them focused is certainly appreciated. Being aware of their emotions is possible for children if they are engaged and appreciated in their efforts. Preschoolers are on the threshold of developing and enforcing their motor skills and behavioral aspects. Facilitators and teachers require a lot of enthusiasm as a team in delivering the ideas. A group or team effort is generally successful. Kids learn via role-play and follow dramatic attempts while rendering a poem or rhyme.

It is inspiring for children to watch the teacher display direction and control via activities. Kids generally follow a pattern and a simple approach works well for them. There are several factors that affect a child's social skills and interaction with the help of an activity is one of the best ways to improve the cognitive behavior in children. Addressing the point with educational charts, block making as well as coloring activity, children find it easy to understand skills pertaining to non-verbal communication like body language.

A methodological approach via an interesting syllabus certainly creates emotional well being in a child. This also improves concentration and programming in a child to respond to a particular question, situation or activity. The response generated builds confidence and hence the emotional intelligence improves.

Group activities like free play, vocabulary games, storytelling sessions helps the child to recognize and freely express their emotions. Guided by a patient and trained teacher, the curriculum is certainly a great way to improve the emotional intelligence in a child.

Preschool teacher training

Pedagogy is always affected by changes but one thing remains the same throughout – The skills of a teacher. The training attained by a teacher also proves to be instrumental for witnessing the growth in a child. A teacher who is able to adapt and explore new trends in the field of preschool teaching surely benefits the future of the preschooler. It is great to find that the training program for teachers at the preschool level includes a variety of topics that helps in application of the syllabus and promotes creativity.

Teachers are trained with skills that help in the improvement of physical, social and cognitive areas of a child. Moving towards a better team spirit and inculcating values of culture and heritage, the training program is a holistic approach aimed at making teachers effective as they disseminate the yearly syllabus.

Teachers are trained in the following areas:
  •  Class control and discipline
  •   Chart making and creativity
  •   Number skills training
  •   Event organization
  •   Punctuality and time management

The above is just a gist of the training program but there are other intricacies that are to be observed while creating a happy atmosphere in the classroom. Parent orientation program, inducting new students as well as greetings are also taught in the training program. The introduction to phonics, music and movement, dramatization are also certain the highlights of the training program.

The workshops are interactive and include role-plays, skits as well as poems and songs in a creative zest. The approach is realistic and aims at encouraging teachers to give their best during the sessions. The workshops are classified into modules meant for age wise preschool learning and focuses on using educational tools like blocks, crayons, paint work, origami as well as festival events so that the teachers have an overall perspective about conducting any preschool activity. Audiovisual training is also a part of the program with interesting storyboard themes for discipline, good manners and using music or movement to reinforce a certain concept.

Getting children ready for preschool

The beginning of an academic year is filled with several duties and the most overwhelming of them seems to be getting a child ready for school. Children respond well to conditioning. The familiarity to a surrounding also helps them in adapting themselves to a new place. Most preschools are designed in a happy environment with several displays pertaining to cartoons and wall painting. They are catchy and exciting for a child and this proves to be the best way to keep them motivated.  

Preschools also have a novel way of inducting a child to the set up. With lots of tender care and comforting ways, teachers make a good impression on a child. Most kids adapt easily but for some this is a first point of separation anxiety and hence they may take a while to adjust. It is great if parents can slowly express to their child about the benefits of a preschool in an interesting manner. The orientation program by preschools is a great method of understanding what exactly goes into the curriculum.

Timeliness is one of the best way to help the child adjust to the body clock. It is good to enquire the timings of the preschools and slowly align the child to the new clock time. Waking early also means to going to bed early. It is essential for caregivers to abide by the clock and manage time well for the child so that the mornings are easy. Largely children do well when it comes to managing on their own at a preschool but it is great if caregivers can also instill the subtle points of discipline and polite manners.

Preschools are ordained in a typical format that maintains the child's keenness and innocence. For e.g. the interactive syllabus via Theo Kids creates a very active atmosphere with group activities that are disciplined with time lines. The use of props, books and physical skills is also necessary at the preschool so that children are engrossed and are eager to come back the next day. Allowances are essential as each child is different and may take time to adjust to a new activity.

Visual stimulation works well for kids and it is apt to show them their school bus, their new uniform or also other school supplies that are crafted with colorful hues and patterns that will excite them. Preparing the child for school is an effort initially but slowly becomes a habit. During periods of sickness, extra comfort and care will be required to help them recover and again get back to the routine. Participation in themes, dress up days and festivals is also a lovely way to help the child like his or her school and brings with it awareness, team spirit and motivation.

Preschool special events

Theo Kids specializes in a variety of events tailored for a preschooler which nourishes their mind. Adding events as a part of the yearly calendar works well for reinforcing elements pertaining to growth and development. Several events are also lined up to improve their awareness. As they partake in the events and activities, they enhance their recognition abilities along with their grasping skills.

Events scheduled for preschools

General themes or events can be combined with invites to parent volunteers. Themes that emphasizes on ideas like conservation and environment saving are also interesting. With kids gaining more ideas about how to make subtle changes for themselves and the ecology, they feel enthusiastic to follow a role.

  •   Water saving programs
  •   Plant a sapling
  •   Field trip – Nature awareness
  •   Environment day
  •   Rainbow day
  •   Color day

Patriotic events include

Understanding about India and inculcating patriotic fervor is facilitated with several dress up days. Explaining to children about patriotic events like Independence day or singing patriotic songs certainly adds value to their knowledge about India.

  •   Dress up as a national leader
  •   Sing along national songs or anthem

Festival days

The enthusiasm of observing festivals is highly appreciated by children. It is overwhelming to find that kids absolutely enjoy a theme or party pertaining to festivals. This promotes Indian values and instills value for our culture in preschoolers. Theo kids have a structured event schedule in built in the calendar program to make it a success.

  •   Xmas party
  •   Diwali diya making
  •   Navratri festival
  •   Gokulashtami
  •   Sankrant festival – kite flying
  •   Id Special

Organizing for the events or themes requires a meticulous effort. Our themes and events are also worked out for entertaining children and our syllabus is outlined in a phased manner. The days are also planned to promote bonding as a family especially when grandparents or parents participate in the events like kite flying or indoor sports.

Daycare curriculum

Interesting ideas are always available for a day care curriculum. Nourishing the child's mind with interesting activities like lego making, building blocks as well as story telling is a wonderful way of helping them get creative. A scheduled program for mortar skills like crayon work, origami or paper folding as well as clay molding is a great way to improve their skills. For improving vocabulary and phonics, there are exciting ideas with storytelling, narration and descriptive expression. Show and tell activities are also a wonderful way to encourage them and keep them creative. Outdoor sports like ball, running or even lemon and spoon are a good initiative to keep them fit and active.

An organized activity about rhymes and sing along sessions is also an exclusive way to improve the child's confidence. Rhymes improve their vocal chords and they immensely enjoy the singing activities. Perhaps adding an instrument like sitar or drums would also add to the merriment. It is interesting to note that coloring activity is enjoyed by all preschoolers. A theme-based activity for a week also seems great. Introduction to colors can be done with dress up days, coloring activity and recognizing things that pertain to a particular color scheme.

Dabbing as well as cotton or wool sticking activity is also enjoyed by children. In house adventure as well as games instills a 'go-getter' streak in them and the thrill helps them to move further in their achievements. Games like seek and find as well as travelers mystery where they are introduced to new countries and continents is also an important parameter to improve their awareness. Day care activities can also be related to gardening and organic farming sessions where children relish holding the water cans, seeds and a percolator. Using safe and devised methods, the teachers can guide the young children with gardening concepts.

After school programs ( ASP)

Interesting activity after school is one of the innovations in today's curriculum. Literacy programs are also very beneficial for students of all ages. Basic skills to read aloud along with a bit of enactment and props facilitates free flow of thought and influences the pattern of thinking. It is wonderful to find that the books are also modulated as per age wise category to bring in more emphasis and focus into the program. Creative thinking is also generated with speech and drama activities, which is scheduled as per age and skills.

Social connection is established well with group activity via life skills concepts in a play way method. For toddlers there are interesting group activities like play dough or also group recitation of poems or dramatic which is an excellent way to boost their confidence. Coloring or cooking activity also brings innovation to their daily schedule. It is important for children to look forward to the after school activity so that they are motivated and are benefitted by the program. The concepts require proper planning and scheduling so that the best comes forth.

Toy stories is also a novel concept. Children are allowed to pick their toys and enact in a drama or a skit accordingly. Lego making is a logical way to improve their mind power. Math skills also include various games connected to math and arithmetic reasoning. Recognition of numbers and basic math with abacus is also a very interesting concept. Discovery and outdoor activity with experiments and project is also proving to be an intellectual way to stimulate the interest of the little minds. Novel ideas about Good Manners, Water cycle as well as Community topics are also interesting. Projects related to science experiments and preparation of charts or 3 D modules along with art form is also required.